About this Work

The portfolios and images presented are a gentle observation of our human landscape.  The photographs depict streetscapes, cityscapes, landscapes and a “few of us” as we wander through the day and the unanticipated moments of quiet and solitude.  Beyond the “depictive level,” these images are about the patterns of shadow, light and darkness that one thing against another creates.  My work focuses less on the particular subject matter, than on seeing and exploring the small corners of a luminous world around us. 

Photography (as in any artistic pursuit) reflects the sum total of our learning, experience, propensity and predisposition.  The principal barrier to image making is our ability to see and our readiness to receive.  Through continued work and effort, one gradually begins to observe the profound way light textures the darkness… how it reveals the subtleties, and hidden mysteries of illumination and shadow. 

I find beauty in things partially seen… illuminated, but hidden in shadows.  Ideas and stories suggested or implied are most compelling.  There is a subtle profundity in the transient, and in the natural imperfection of things.  In the world well seen and in photographs well crafted, light reveals and reminds us of a beauty long forgotten, or perhaps never known.   


About the Photographer

I live in Loudoun County, VA and work in the DC metro area.  My photography largely takes place around the small towns in rural Virginia and in the city.  I came to photography more than 40 years ago (film and basic darkroom work).  Today, all of my images are captured digitally and printed using archival pigment inks and fine art archival papers.  I am a juried artist of the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, VA, and my work is represented by Multiple Exposures Gallery. (www.multipleexposuresgallery.com).